Tobacco Alley Belgium, Local Station

Found 25th Jun 2009
i want to go to the above, but aint 100% sure whats the best station to go to on the eurostar

anyone any idea's

there details are the following

Tobacco Alley
Duinkerkekeiweg 16, 8660 Adinkerke, Belgium
Phone: 0032 58 41 04 15
Fax: 0032 58 41 49 92
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Well looks to me the Eurostar only goes to Brussels?
Oh hold on I think it goes from Lille to Brussels then you can carry on to other stations.
Ask Dieter

PS. WOW - bright green writing on red background!?!?!?!?! those crazy continentals . . . :lol:
You should email them and ask where it is best to get off,you need get some other connections from there likely.

Some in-depth info here too…tml

Getting from Calais to Adinkerke by train / bus.From a site visitor - Get … Getting from Calais to Adinkerke by train / bus.From a site visitor - Get either the direct train from Calais to Dunkirk (about 3 or 4 a day - otherwise avoid the trains since they involve long diversions and take hours) or the coach from outside the railway station in Calais. Go to the bus station in Dunkirk (outside railway station) then catch bus 2B which runs once an hour. An all day ticket costs the same as two singles and can be bought from the driver. This bus terminates at La Panne which is about a kilometre from the main village of Adinkerke. If you are only going for ciggies then a better bet is to get off the 2B at the stop called Frontiere. You can't miss it since most of the passengers on the bus are French doing their cross border shopping. There are a few shops selling tobacco there and you have about 30 - 40 minutes before the same bus returns from the La Panne terminus.

I always go here, its only a tiny town and we drive from calais about 30 minutes, so it will be along way from Eurostars nearest station Lille, but you could always get a train to a town in belgium from Lille, only costs a few Euros, where tobacco etc will be the same price, hope this helps, if you have any questions let me know
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