Toblerone launch a Chocolate orange version of their bar and it's on offer :)

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Posted 20th Aug
Morning folks, Other half said she'd ''Pop to Tesco'' last night, you know, the one where going to get two bits and come out with a trolley full? Yeah that.

This time i didn't care though because she came back with this bad boy!


As you can see, i couldn't help myself but have a little sneak peak and a taste, and to be honest it's lovely! Obviously you'd expect it to be like Terrys' Chocolate arange, it it but with the nougat mixed, it's even better, yes my opinion of course!

Currently on offer for £4 at Tesco here and states offer ends 8th September 2020 - this is for a 360g block btw, no idea if the offer will be extended though.

Blurb, if anyone needs it, also on Tesco site, link above

  • Swiss milk chocolate with candied orange peel with ginger (9,5%) and with honey and almond nougat (9%).
  • Cocoa non-EU.
  • Swiss milk chocolate with honey & almond nougat & gingery candied orange peel
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Halal Control
  • Kosher - D
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Surely "orange chocolate", not "chocolate orange".
If it's not Terry's...
@eslick now we know why so many chocolate orange deals are allowed the lead deal editor is a big fan.
Sounds interesting!
I'll look later when picking up some wine (25% off 6 offer ), hope it's available in smaller size!
Thanks for the heads up @Dan_82

possible trip to Tesco on the cards for me later.

Will try hunt down those Adidas vouchers and this
Oooohhhhh Might need pop into Tesco and look for this.

Thanks for posting
alg20/08/2020 08:19

Surely "orange chocolate", not "chocolate orange".

That’s the Movie you’re thinking about, “A Chocolate Orange”
PAISAL20/08/2020 15:26

That’s the Movie you’re thinking about, “A Chocolate Orange”

No - you're thinking about the Glasgow underground system.
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