Toby Deals - anyone have issues with them, before I buy?

Posted 22nd Apr
Hi. Toby Deals website appear to have prices much lower than the usual brand websites. In fact, I think I purchased an iPhone from them years ago but not 100% sure. I now want to buy a canon camera. Price is £160 less than the sale price on the likes of Currys or WEX. I assume they are genuine but slightly concerned that the warranty is not with Canon but with Toby themselves and that replacement under warranty may be a refurbished model or similar spec camera. Anyone had dealings with these guys? Many thanks
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Humm, a mixed bag of reviews from other sites. In particular communication and shipping. Maybe not wise during this lockdown period.
My opinion with sites like this are that I would never buy anything from them that didn't have a global warranty.
They were used to be allowed last one posted but last one was Oct 18,…741 from comments in this thread delivery was an issue so asssuming mods must have stopped them for being unreliable.
I got some
Airpods from here, no problems!
Toby Deals are a grey import seller as you've probably realised, I'd have a look at Panamoz who have a better reputation although I'd only go with a grey import if it was a lot cheaper than a UK one. I work on the assumption when I buy a grey import that there's no warranty and anything better is a bonus, even if the company is handling claims fine now there's no guarantees further down the line.
I’ve had no issues either bought a PS4 VR much cheaper then most as well
Sister site to the much loved or much hated EGC, both being based in HK. Merchant warranty only, so no obvious access to manufacturer support (unless buying an Apple product, possibly). Not convinced the merchant warranty is serviced in UK so any merchant warranty support will likely involve a requirement to self-fund shipping to HK, which would require a huge leap of faith that you expected to see your busted or repaired product ever again. Rubbish delivery protection policy but your pre-purchase due-diligence will have discovered that already. If anything related to purchase or warranty goes south you will need to be comfortable with dealing with HK consumer/legal system. "But the merchant accepts PayPal so I'm covered" is a typical epic failure statement considering PayPal does not provide nor support warranty claims.

The consumer-savvy may seek to bypass all the foreign-based support worthlessness by looking for S75-qualifying purchase options, and if all S75 criteria is met your purchase will be eligible for all the warranty terms stated by the seller at time of purchase but provided ex-UK with zero requirement to ever even involve the seller in a warranty claim; you may even be able to enforce additional UK consumer legislation on an S75-qualifying purchase, although still unlikely to obtain manufacturer support. The stated Worldpay payment gateway used by this merchant may (or may not) support UK credit card S75 criteria; a purchase via "PayPal Credit" would normally qualify for S75 if all the other S75 qualifiers were met. For clairity: "PayPal Credit" is not the usual/standard "PayPal account" purchase.
Never heard of them but I got a Toby deal for carvery on Groupon once
Thanks guys for the comments. Wanted to by a camera, £629 in Currys, £411 at Toby Deals but have found one in the UK (I think) for £500. A safer bet.
matty_hunt22/04/2020 17:26

Thanks guys for the comments. Wanted to by a camera, £629 in Currys, £411 a …Thanks guys for the comments. Wanted to by a camera, £629 in Currys, £411 at Toby Deals but have found one in the UK (I think) for £500. A safer bet.Cheers

Safe(st) bet would be to purchase only from a local or foreign supplier either accepting direct payment by credit card or PayPal payment via PayPal Credit and ensuring other Section 75 criteria was met.
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