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Found 23rd Nov 2017
Hey, I've seen a few really good deals on this website but has very mixed reviews on trustpilot. Was just wondering if anybody on here has had any dealings with them?
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They wouldn't be a Chinese seller by any chance ?
rogparki12 m ago

They wouldn't be a Chinese seller by any chance ?

Looks like they're a Hong Kong based retailer shipping only to the UK. It seems pretty risky. Such a good deal though!
Depends on what you’re buying, if it’s expensive and electrical I’d probably give it a miss for warranty reasons having to send it all the way back if something goes wrong. You sound like quite a cautious person and are worrying about the risks. I always say if it makes you worry then don’t do it. But each to their own. Pay the extra and put you’re mind at rest
It was apple airpods for an xmas pressie, 125 quid on there! But not really worth it if there's no warranty or whatever I suppose. Tempting though! I appreciate the advice.

Edit: Just seen them for only 20 quid more at john lewis. Much better option!
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Tobydeals - Sounds like some sort of discounted carvery to me
HUKD. Costco available to members and non members
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