Posted 21st Dec 2012
Advice on toilet handles/fittings, please! Our toilet handle broke so we got a new one from Screwfix, complete with fittings for less than a fiver.

Problem is that the round threaded plastic/nylon part which fits THROUGH the hole in the cistern is obviously just a weeny bit bigger. It looks the same diameter and the plastic nut type thingy which screws onto it is the same size as the last one but it won't actually fit through. OH has used brute force to get it a tiny bit of the way but the plastic threaded part has smoothed down where he has forced it through so the nut wouldn't go on anyway although I don't think that would matter. Still a couple of cm out - he wants to try to hammer it through but don't think that's a good idea! Used 3-in-1 and also Vaseline but still not budging.

Do they come in marginally different sizes?
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