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Found 22nd May 2014
I had new bathroom fitted 3 years ago. I always clean toilet bowl regularly, but despite bloo's in tank for flushing and Harpic around rim, I still have a build up of rock hard lime scale under rim and at back of bowl. I tried dabbing paint remover on it and leaving it on, but not even that got rid of it.any recommendations please?
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Have you tried Viakal? They do a liquid (not tried it personally, but I have used the spray and that's great on limescale!)
Or perhaps something like this?
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Toilet cleaners just bleach it. Best to fit a water softener for the future.
Erm use limescale remover maybe!
Which Harpic cleaner?

The only one I've found to work is Harpic Power Plus - leave it on overnight and it will either be gone or come off very easily in the morning.
/votes harpic
I detest loo brushes but for this job i picked up the cheapest one from wilkos, got some extra strong bleach and gave it a good scrub with the brush, my loo came out extra shiny and all the limescale had gone.
cillit bang toilet cleaner will do the job.
You need a limescale removing toilet cleaner containing an acid because only acids will attack alkali's, and limescale is an alkali.
Bleach toilet cleaners are a waste of time because bleach is Sodium Hypochlorite, which is also an alkali, so it won't remove limescale.
I agree with Bigfootpete, Harpic Power Plus is one of the best, it dissolves or loosens most limescale overnight (it contains 9% Hydrochloric Acid).
Make sure you flush the toilet well first - mixing different toilet cleaners can cause quite a violent chemical reaction that gives off Chlorine gas, which is quite nasty if you accidentally breathe it in.
I hear that bloo's and the like in the tank rot the rubber seals as well.
Personally I think Harpic and Bloo are a complete waist of money, I live in a very hard water area. I find Kilrock Big K Multi-Purpose Descaler as suggested by chuckiedoll is best, been using it for quite a few years, especially for the bowl of the loo. Not sure about the rim of the toilet though, haven't tried it [yet].

Leave overnight, then flush loo, scrub with loo brush, and remember to empty toilet bowl first, push loo brush toward the u-bend a couple of times to achieve this. Be careful of any splashing.


Can be bought at Robert Dyas for £3.99 though I'm sure other places sell it too.

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I recommend these. They are the only thing I have found that really shifts the limescale. Put in the toilet overnight (so they get as long as possible to work before loo needs flushing) and in the morning the limescale will come away with little or no elbow grease with a bog brush! Be careful though....they are an irritant, so best to use gloves and be careful of splashback.
Kilrock is fantastic stuff. Make sure you have the room well ventilated. Can be bought at BQ
Many thanks for all your replies, think I'll try kilrock first, I had never heard of it.
I used kilrock, left it on for 2 hours , WOW it's all gone. I had even tried scraping it off with a sharp knife with no results. It actually worked, thank you all!
I use cillit bang and it gets the crustiest toilet shiny. only problem is they don't seem to sell it in my local supermarkets anymore so I have to go wilko
Everyone knows all that bloo loo stuff is for squares.
force as much of the water out of the toilet bowl as you can, I done it a few times you can virtually get all of it out. then put a bottle of viakal down neat leave to work for a while,an hour of so. then top up with hot water and leave overnight. But remember not to use the toilet! ! ! !
Incidentally, Lidl sells an alternative brand to Viakal in their W5 range; it's a fraction of the price and works just as well. Can't remember how much Lidl's W5 range is though a 500ml bottle of Viakal Limescale Treatment costs between £2 and £3.20. With using Kilrock you'll only need a couple of small measures when needed, Viakal on the other hand is mainly for use on taps and draining boards and other work surfaces made of stainless steel, so I'm guessing you would need quite a bit to remove stubborn limescale, may not be as cost effective.

There are other cheaper versions in the supermarkets too, can't vouch for them all though Cillit Bang Power Limescale & Shine Cleaner Spray (750ml) is currently £1.75 reduced from £3.50 at Tesco's, £1.74 at Morrison’s.

While we're on the subject, how did you apply Kilrock to the toilet rim? Should sort mine out at some point though I appear to get away with it as it doesn't look too bad after a good cleaning.
Spirit of Salt......You can usually find it from older style ironmonger type shops....It is VERY potent and you need to wear a mask and gloves for your own safety when pouring down the loo....It worked wonders on a disgusting bowl we inherited when we moved....its now like new..
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