toilet trouble!!

Found 28th Jul 2015
Any toilet people on here? The toilet is constantly filling up! Ive just turned the valve thing behind the top bit and the waters stopped running but now it doesn't fill up on its own after its flushed without turning the valve again?!
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is it a new or old unit? does it have a ball float? might help others answer
If it has a ball float you can bend it down a little and that will stop it filling up too high
Can i put pics on ea somehow? Easier to show you rather than me explain, have no idea what im on a bout lol. Its been fitted maybe 7/8 years?

You need to adjust the ballcock level/valve so that the water level falls below the overflow
if bending your ball cock arm dosent work you'll need a new diafram washer which costs about 50p from a plumbers mechant. easy to fit in 2 minutes.
Got somebody coming to look at it today, tried everything and nothings helped and dont wana break anymore than i probably have! Thanks tho
Youtube can be a good resource for this type of problem
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