Toilet won't flush and constantly letting water through. Can I fix and if so how?

Posted 11th Feb 2021

Apologies if this isn't the right place.

we recently moved into a house and one of the toilets was a little temperamental. sometimes it would flush fine, sometimes it's like it had recently been flushed and there was no water in the tank (though no one touched it), so you could hear water coming through but wouldn't be able to flush it.

since yesterday, it no longer flushes. however, the tank is constantly refilling. the water is just going straight into the bowl though. I managed to take the lid off and take a look. the flush mechanism seems to work as it pulls a wider cylinder up via a hook, but it doesn't flush the actual toilet. we tried putting some water down the back which ended up flushing the toilet, but it just went straight through. like as if I had held down the flush button which I didn't. the tank just doesn't want to fill up.

I've managed to stop the water coming through via an elastic band and pulling up the floating mechanism, but at a loss of what to do next, if we need a plumber etc. hoping this is a quick DIY fix!

any help would be great,


yesterday, toilet no longer flushing. water still coming through:

lid off with water stopped via elastic band:

taking off band to show water coming through:
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