Tom Tom 510

    Im looking for a tom tom 510 or any sat nav that can double as a hands free system for mobile. I used my mates on and text messages / phone calls all came through on the screen it was very handy rrp is around £260


    Try ]this site. It's a comparison site and has the 510 at £221.

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    Thanks, a mate of mine has just emailed me that tom tom have a new modle out in june - all singing all dancing, and that i should wate as the prices are gonna take a 10 - 20% drop on the other models!

    I think the new model your mate is talking about this the TOMTOM One XL
    It takes the TMC cable (traffice alerts) that has previously only been support by the 510, 710 and 910 but it does not handle the handsfree phone side unlike the 510, 710 and 910.
    IMHO I would for with a 510 unless you plan to drive around europe and or the states with some mp3's playing
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