Tom Tom France maps HELP?

    Hey does anyone know where to get them? and if i have tom tom installed with UK maps and get the france maps on a seperate SD how do i get them both working at the same time? never used sat nav before so im useless lol

    Thanks in advance



    I have a Tom Tom, but not the one with a SD card slot. I think you can download the maps from ] and install them either on the device or in your case a card. After that, you have to click on the flag when you enter an address to specify a country. This is what I do for Ireland, so I suppose it must be the same for you.

    Direct link to maps…php

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    wow expensive

    Tom Tom maps are crazily expensive when you think they get most of them from tele atlas the same as used on places like multimap.

    If you look around on some of the P2P and torrent sites it's probably possible to find the maps to copy them onto your SD card. I would be very wary of what you download if you don't know what you are doing as some stuff can have viruses.

    Had a look on the tomtom site and although £40 is a bit of a pisstake it's probably cheaper than killing your satnav with hooky maps.
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