Tom Tom / Garmin for Nokia N95 8GB

    Looking to get this on my N95.

    does anyone know the best place to get hold of it?

    does it work with the internal GPS or am i better with an external?

    is the voice-guided routes free or does it cost like nokia maps


    If you google ipmart, theres plenty of info on the forums there.

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    cheers for the help - but its not the most user friendly site!

    any other suggestions? short of buying from fleabay


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    am in the process of downloading TomTom navigator 6.010 via bitlord.

    i assume its just a case of installing it on my phone when done?

    Do i need an external GPS dongle (bluetooth i presume) to work with this?

    Try ]this site. It has all the info you need. You can use the internal gps with tomtom but you'll have to search on noeman for the way to get it to work.

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    cheers guys

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