Tom Tom Go 930 wont exept full post code

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Found 30th Jul 2009
when i try and put in a full post code the sat nav will only find the first part of the code and i have to sift through addresses to find where i want to be. This is not always possible as some times i only have a full post code and no street or number.

Can anyone help?

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you haven't got the correct file pm me your email and i'll send it to you

i have a 940 and it doesn't accept full post code either

ok then forget the pm get the file from here

the file goes in a folder called zip in the root folder of the tomtom

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the link doesn't work for me!

nor me



try this insteadhttp://www.tomtom.com/updates/great_britainpostal_all.zip

link works, and thats exactly what the op needs

Nice work Wolf!

Original Poster

Thanks for your help

glad i could help

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