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Hey guys.

Im finally gonna take the plunge and buy a Tom Tom (had enough of getting lost). Anyway, just wanted some advice. Im thinking of getting the basic version- One v3 or v4. I can see myself using the traffice receiver. Ive seen it on Halfords for £169.99. Anyway, I realise some have bluetooth. Can someone explain this to me and tell me if it is useful? Also if anyone knows of a better deal, any help would be more than appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



The bluetooth is to hook you phone up and use the tomtom device as a hands free device to handle your calls. The principal is there but for two things. One the phone has to be pratically attached to the tomtom for it to work, else the caller cannot her a word you a re saying to them. And of course secondly you cannot actually see the directions of where you are going during a call.


I personally would go for the basic version, I think its £109.99 with traffic at Halfords or EBuyer, cant remember I'm too drunk

I have a TomTom v3 which I bought from QVC for £129.00 (with extras included). The bluetooth one (v4?) would be useful, but I don't think that I would spend £170 for it.

Amazon have v3 for £98.88…8-1

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Lol. Thanks for your help. Have some rep. I think the £109.99 one at Halfords doesn't have the traffic thingy bob. However it does have the option to have it?? Dont know what that means. Maybe I have to subscribe to something?

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Cheers Predukisu. I think I wont get the bluetooth. Now just need to decide which one has the traffic thingymajiggys. Ive added some rep for you also. So helpful!


Ebuyer have it for £93.99…674, but the traffic option is £109.99 somewhere, let me try and find it

Everyone I have spoken to says that the traffic updates are rubbish. They are too slow to update, so either you get stuck in a jam that is not showing yet, or you are diverted to avoid a jam that has been clear for a long time.
I have a TomTom One and decided not to buy the traffic update module.

I think I know what you mean by 'thingymajiggys' You subscribe to the feature annually after you install the software, then the function is on your TomTom until you unsubscribe.

I dont see the point of the traffic assist as you get the info for free on the radio anyway. All it does is recalculates your route when it gets busy, but if you go off the route you are on it will do it anyway. Maybe its of some use in london but as I dont live there I wouldnt know. I have a Navigo and cost £50 (£55 at mo from ebuyer) and put tomtom on and it works great.

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Hey. Went into Halfords 2day and they said that the traffic thingy is currently analogue and so is not great. However they are working on a digital version which will be much better apparently. U just need to buy the aerial when it comes out. So I shall do that. Also the v4 has a much better support grip and looks a bit better( I know, looks are just superficial). So I am going to go for that 1. They are doing it for £149.99. Gonna order online to use quidco. Once again thanks to everyone for their input.

Have a look ]HERE before you order for possile cheaper prices. Or am I too late??? :oops:

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Britlliant website. Thanks iand68. Ironically Halfords is the cheapest though!
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