Tom tom help


Borrowed a sat nav off my girlfriends parents - however jsut plugged it into my cig lighter - i get a green power light however the screen remains blank?



tom tom one sounds right


Have you pressed the on button......?

you need to press the button on the top of the tom tom to turn it on. Can't remember if it is a quick press or needs holding.

need to hold it on for about 3 secs


i had that same problem. only just taken it back to shop. is it still under warranty? seems to be quite a common thing, if it hasnt been used for a while and drops below a certain battery level it fails to hold its charge. have you tried the reset buttons first though?

Take card out (providing its not V3) Press reset button with paperclip (small hole next to SD Card) put card back in, plug into lighter socket and hold down on button for 5 seconds.

If that doesn't work its FUBAR :thumbsup:


Just press the on button at the top :giggle:

Original Poster

Reset worked...

Appears to be a Tom tom Go 500?
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