Tom Tom help please!!!!!!!!!

    My friends wife has asked my advice on what sat nav to buy my mate for xmas

    She knows he wants a tom tom but not sure on what model.

    If he were to buy it himself he would probably go for the high end ones.

    I'm a bit baffled as I looked on the Halfords Website and they sell a 530 and a 530 traffic which is around 35quid dearer. They look identical and do the same thing.

    Can anyone expalin the models and what you get for ya money.

    Oh yes......and if anyone knows of a really good deal on one that would be even better.

    Best I've seen is the 530 for £179.00 at Halfords.

    Many Many thanks



    530 T comes with a TMC traffic modual it tells you if there is any traffic jams ahead and then give the op to rerute around it

    Original Poster

    Thanks for that.
    Do you have to pay a monthly subscription for the pleasure?

    No its free only pay if you join the TomTom live service

    When you see one you like, let us (me especially) know. im sure there are Halfords codes knocking about! :thumbsup:

    Is the user likley to take it aboard or is it use for UK/Ireland travelling

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    I think she is going for the 530 or 530T.

    Any good deals on this or codes would be great for her!


    I think that the 720T is much better, however, if you're choosing between the 530 or 530T that £35 is worth it. Go for the 530T there is a difference!

    Oh and having a look at why I thought that the 720T was better is not just because it's a newer model. The 530 and 530T did not get the best reviews.
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