Found 24th Jul 2008
Hi all, I have a Tom Tom One v1, that I bought 2 years back. I have never updated the maps or anything on it yet. Wondering if there is a way of getting newer maps, and speed camera alerts (for free for UK) on this. I heard that tom tom did one upgrade of software, maps and features for free. Any help on this would be great. Rep given specially if people can tell me how to get reliable speed camera alerts for free!!! I know there was a company doing it sometime back, but cant seem to find them.. oh and did I say speed cameras.. I mean "safety cameras"...

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You can upgrade your maps in the first year, I think you may have missed your chance.

Speed cameras are available from Tomtom for around £20

But both these are available from amazon cheaper. Anywhere you find them for free will be illegal and obviously I cant recommend those sort of sites to you :whistling:

You can download speed cameras from:…ras
However you will have to pay a £19 subscription for 1 years which enables monthly downloads. Works about about £1.58 a month...bargain imo!

I noticed that Play have the speed cameras for £12.99 at the minute, don't know if that's good or bad as i came across it by chance earlier this evening.

I'm interested in this free upgrade for the first year - I saw an older model sat nav at a local shop that they'd "found under a shelf in the warehose", a Go 510, and after doing a bit of research it would seem that this is a couple of years old. Would I still be able to get the free updates?
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