tom tom sat nav

    anybody tell me the best deal on a tom tom sat nav.the cheapest on please as money quite tight.thank you in advance


    TomTom GO 510 refurb - £99.99…KK0

    Looks like this :

    Just got the one xl Europe and traffic from Halfords on line as they have some vouchers going at the moment and were the best price for me, but depends on what you are after, try this link to compare prices, :thumbsup:…htm

    You will need to use the tabs to select the model you require..

    Just a thought to bear in mind, I read lots of reports of sat navs going wrong (maybe thats why there are refurbs around) I went for a high street retailer for ease of taking it back if it fails, but depends on budget and your views on it all.:)

    £1.99 for an AA map book

    If on a tight budget why splash out?

    You could get a cheap pocket pc off ebay with a gps reciever for £50 like I did and install tomtom using an SD card
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