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Found 4th Dec 2009
Trying to update our sat nav as some new roads have been made around us along with a one way system which it doesnt recognise. This was a problem going to Sheffield last week too.

So is there a way to make these updates without having to pay £70 for a new map?

Its a Tomtom GO 710.



you can sign up to tomtom map share (in tom tom Home) and edit them yourself, once TomTom verify them everyone will get it for free. The same applies to get everyone elses updates once verified. Failing that, you gotta pay if you want the proper stuff.

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Cheers for that, its saying we arent eligible though and it wont let us sign up to map share with our model. Is buying them the only option now?

there are ways of getting the maps through certain websites that let you share files for free if you get my drift......but other then that, youll have to pay for it, which is what i do as if it goes wrong, like mine has and you send it back to TomTom to fix, if they check the software, maps etc you might find they dont fix it as its not legitimit software etc etc.....
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