Tomacro limHD200i

Found 14th Mar 2008
Going to buy 1 on monday but having diffecult finding 1 cheaper other sites

has any 1 seen any or got 1 from anyother place…220

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Bit better post but please when linking to other sites avoid https connections they make security conscious people like me nervous
Looks ok but note the * near the title and reading further down it does state those features are in beta form so may not be availableor work in the supplied product, also a pricey bit of kit compared to a low end htpc build
Note this doesnt have wireless net work ability so you are either running a lead to it or constantly moving it to your pc to connect via usb, hi-def rips of movies off blu ray and hd-dvd are avg 17Gb thats too big for a memory stick.
Also gadgets like these need to be considered "throw-away" as sometimes the companies drop firmware updates and if a new format comes out u want to play it wont do it.
And sorry for the hard time i gave u on prev post, its hard to tell the innocent from the wicked these days
thats fine maddogb thanks for ya advice

I have a laptop so not a problem getting info onto it just don't know if worth the money the mkv support every site i have read about the product say it works super with the new firmware the problems wer with 2007 and mkv.

I use my laptop to watch films via hdmi to t.v and that leave a problem i have to reset mt laptop everytime i watch a film as i loese my screnn for some reason.

anyways thanks for ya reply
wow lota money to save resets lol, some laptops have a "hotkey" function to switch between external and internal screens check your manual or post what laptop it is
will have a look at that thanks

like you said a lot of money for a reset lol
thanks for ya advice just added some rep

took your advice and forgot about it a lot of money for what i am doing now for nothing
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