Tomb Raider: Underworld Anyone Bought It?

    What's it like? Should I get it?


    am getting it for my christmas but can't wait!! saw the review on players guide and she has new moves and huge puzzles to solve. looks awesome!!

    Is it out today? Im bloody skint too

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    Is it out today? Im bloody skint too

    Yes, Raid the piggy bank

    Let's hope someone finds a deal...!!!

    I'm a little skint too, Might be forced to buy the PC Version instead of 360.

    I was going to get the demo from XBOX LIVE the other day but did not get round to it. And now with the new XBOX Live update is no longer available :x

    Had for a few days now and can honestly say its the best TR game thats been released. Everything about it has been refined to create a very playable game. Less shooting and more adventuring than previous ones. Some of the puzzles are easier than other TR games but its a joy to play.
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