Tommee Tippee Replacement Filter Cheaper Alternative ?

    Hi guys,

    I can't seem to find a cheapish tommee tippee filter replacement. Does anyone know if there is any cheaper alternative ?

    Thanks x


    I used wilko own ones

    I've recently seen a lot of stories about mould in the pipes of the prep machine, tommee tippee are investigating but I did read that using other filters not specifically made for that machine could be the cause

    You spent 'X' amount on the machine that in my opinion is worth its weight in gold, and your too tight to spend £11 (from argos) on a filter every 3 months?

    You need to do your research about the machines in the news recently. Mould from people not using correct filters and not following correct cleaning procedures. I'd never be tight enough not to buy the genuine filters if it meant my child potentially being ill from misuse.

    At the moment there's no proof it's mould, Tommie tippee believe it's harmless carbon build up.

    Anyway sure the truth will come out eventually. We used one for 12 months with our child and he was never ill, just our experience.

    As for filters though.. i would advise to pay £11 for the real thing, hardly much every 3 months.

    I've recently had to replace our filter, got a Tommee tippee one off Amazon for £8.99

    Never had a problem with my machine, has nothing in it. I think people don't do the cleaning cycle which you should be doing. I don't think it's nothing to do with using other filters. Tommee tippee would say that because they want you to spend top money on one filter! Aslong as you do the cleaning cycle, ive not had any issues with using non branded filter
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