tomtom 720

Found 10th Aug 2007
current best price of £300

anyone know if i can get this cheaper?
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You can try ]here, but the cheapest is £299.
that was the site i was quoting from thanks
but only issue is 5-7 days delivery - i would want to go and pick up instore- but to do so will cost another £30 sheets for the privilege- unless dixons discounts or pcworld discounts can be had?
anybody know where i can purchase and collect for £300??
I think you might have to wait for delivery to save 30 squids.

I bought one on Friday over the counter but my firm are stumping up 75% of the cost. Most stores only had the demo/display in stock and had sold out of them. I got mine from Halfords and they had 3 left mainly because the guy said that they have such a range that people buy other nav units.
i'm just disappointed with 5-7 day lead times
so what are your 1st impressions of the tt720- worth the 25% your putting in- it will be my 1st sat nav and just dont want to pay ££ for hype
The 720 is absolutely brilliant. TomTom have really moved the goalposts on this one. And I say that as someone who has a fixed satnav in my company car (this 720 is for vans and hire cars that I need to drive), a TomTom Go 510, a Road Angel 7000 and a Garmin i3.

The best point is undoubtedly the voice recognition function. Tap the icon and say out the city/street name. I expected a high failure rate in recognising names but it's brilliant - at least 95% accurate. It means that you can safely programme a route whilst driving (subject to the usual caveat of keeping eyes on road etc) without tapping in long addresses. I took my monsters to a new soft play today and forgot to bring the leaflet with the directions on it. I knew the rough address and tapped the voice icon, said "Gillingham" for the city and "Capstone Road" for the road and tapped Done and that was us on our way! Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant.

The other good features are:

(1) The safety camera feature. This means that my Road Angel is now redundant and I'm so glad because it really is the worlds worst sat nav/gps. One less wire on the dash too.

(2) The FM transmitter to transmit either music or the spoken voice commands through your stereo speakers.

(3) The 2Gb internal memory and a separate SD slot so that you don't have to hot-swap cards like on the old Go 300/500s. You also need to factor in the cost of a 2Gb SD card which is cheap as chips for your music and photos.

Bad points:

(1) The small windscreen mount leaves it susceptible to a bouncy screen on bumpy roads. I may try the longer bendy arm mount to see if it helps.

(2) The old Go 300/500/900 mounts had the power cable plugged into the mount and you just whipped the unit out. The new one has a small USB type power jack which you have to disconnect before removing the unit. A minor gripe though.

As your first sat-nav unit you won't be disappointed. I'm just itching for more accessories to be made available.
thanks, good review. i aim to get one when an elusive voucher allows me to collect in store- here's hoping!
cheers marc, just trying to see where the other £110 is going..........i have been advised a nuvi 310t will do exactly the same- am i paying large for new models and the tomtom brand?
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