TomTom 720 owners, suction ?

    After having my TomTom 720 for over a year now, the suction pad is really starting to lose its suction, and falls off my windscreen.

    Is there another possibility?

    My GF, has the newer TomTom One V4 and this is a much better design, you turn the suction to lock it, and its never once fallen off.

    Because it falls off, i hate using it, one day i think its just going to break..

    Any help will be repped.


    Not too sure, but I am sure you can buy replacements. I had a 720 up until Jan this year, And it developed a major fault (killed it). Basically it was down to the dock and the car charger. TomTom replaced it after a lot of arguing, so just be wary of this fault (if yours is still OK then maybe you will be OK in the future) I got mine when Argos made the pricing cock up.

    It may be an idea to get a new charger anyway. I know its off topic, but just wanted to let you know as it may help :thumbsup:

    eBay is your friend

    i had 520 and the 720 and the windscreen mounts were pants the worst design they ever bought out, i could not wait to get rid of mine, i had 3 new suction mounts from tomtom, when i recieved the last replacement i then sold the whole unit on amazon, even the people who worked for tomtom customer services admited they were the worst design in mounts they had ever bougnt out, the new ones are brilliant never had it fall off the windscreen yet:oops:

    You can get a clip that connects to an air vent. I bought one fro eBay a few years ago.

    i never use the correct devises, A small piece of velcrow on the dashboard and onother on the back of the GPS, works a treat and you can have it out of sight.

    Another option that could be considered is a ''...Sat Nav dash mount...''.

    I've attached a link to one available from Halfords:


    There's customer review on it that might be useful as well.

    TomTom Easyport is what the turning suction grip is called (it's an official add on) - I bought it as a replacement for my 530 as the one that comes with it is shockingly bad and was falling off from day one. The kit below comes with an additional car charger as well:…_pt
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