TOMTOM advice needed. HELP :(

    Hi all, need a tomtom urgent. Dads birthday on monday. My fault should have got it earler. I want this one with tomtom traffic and speed. Do you have to pay for it. Cant find no info anywhere. If so how much.

    Also do you recommend it. Im getting it £169. Heres the link. Need advise quickly please.…tml



    check out here for the best prices


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    Thanks. Seem that. Do you recommend me going for the tomtom one xl. Is that any good.

    Also is it worth spending a little extran and getting the traffic update

    depends, traffic isn't that reliable at the minute in this country.
    I personnally think the 510 non traffic is a better because it has text to speech which reads out the actual street names, more use to me than traffic, but that does seem a good price.
    Horses for courses really

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    Cheers. Do you have to pay for tomtom traffic.

    Which one do you recokn then...
    TomTom ONE XL GB Traffic for £170
    or the non traffic version of this for £155. or another.

    Your feedback is really appreciated. Thanks

    You pay for traffice through your mobile, or you buy the traffic adapter (which isn't very good at the min) and it is free after that.
    For only an extra £15 I'd go for the traffic, cause the adapter is alot more to buy seperate, if you really need traffic info.

    Horses for courses really

    ?????? Is it no good for humans/roads?


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    Im going to get that then,. U dnt reckon ill get it cheaper do you

    In time yes, but you could wait forever. go for it!
    By the way, tomtom speed cams aren't very good, go to ] and get theres, it will cost you a little, but well worth it as they are very acurate

    Whilst your there have a read on the forum, excellent website for all satnavs
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