tomtom for n95??

    anyone know where i can get it from please?


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    try a search on gsm forum or ipmart forum m8



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    can you pm please bro

    You cant get TT on N95 yet can you ?

    you can get tt on n95 yet... but they are working on it......

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    hmm anyone got route 66 they wana sell.

    Route 66 works with the internal GPS ?

    Ohh - I'll have to aquire that ;-)

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    what do you mean by that


    I have tom tom on My N95 which I bought from a trusted seller off here, I bought a Sirf 3 gps reciever which uses the bluetooth and pair it to the phone and it works like dream. :thumbsup:

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    but the whole point of me getting a n95 was so i could use the bluetooth built in otherwise i could have brought say a nokia 7610i and gps which would have priced at say 60 pounds.

    anyone know where i can buy route66 from?

    pm sent
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