TomTom - get new maps, or an entire new unit? (One v2 -> v4/v5)


    My dad's currently got a Tom Tom One V2 and wants to upgrade his maps as they're a few years out of date - question is, should he get an upgrade for £40, or just buy a whole new unit?

    I have a V4 myself about 8 months old that I never use, which I'd happily give him, but I think he wants 100% up to date maps



    I recently got a 520 for £110 - great unit and map updates+ mapshare and IQ routes...
    I think I'd eBay the old and buy a new/refurb...

    Agreed, go with new, but don't expect the maps to be 100% correct even on a bang up to date model even if just for the peace of mind of reliability of the device. You would be amazed how quick roads are changing and even the latest maps soon go out of date.


    If you wait until October the 2009 maps will be on 40% off sale, you can usually pick them up for around £23.

    However they are available on Amazon at that time for cheaper
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