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    Hi, thinking about getting my first sat nav, already decided to stick with TomTom, but not sure which one to go for, can someone explain in simple terms the differences between the basic models, I only have a max of £150 to spend. Ive seen the TomTom xmas deal for only £99 which seems like a blinding deal, but what am I not getting with this option.... My main reason for wanting satnav is for when they close the A12 due to a crash leaving me lost, so do I need a satnav which has traffic updates etc etc. Any help would be appreciated.


    Go for MIO…ult. One of my collegue used to use NavMan, TomTom. Now he bought a MIO and says will never go back to TomTom.
    Hope this will help.

    The TomTom One V3 with traffic module is about £140 at ]Halfords.

    I got the One X: Europe with traffic module and it seems pretty good around London and the South East; I've not taken it any further yet but hope to over the next few weeks. There are complaints about the traffic module in lots of forums on the net but it's worked ok for me.

    Check out ]find-tomtom-deals for best prices.

    Hope that helps. Dio :thumbsup:

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    Ok, Ive decided to stick with TomTom, but now also decided I want it to be wide screen & have handsfree calling via bluetooth, so does this mean I need to go up to the Go 520 Traffic model ? Ive also heard that although its called Traffic, I will still have to subscribe to receive traffic updates - is this correct ? What makes this a traffic model then ?? What about speed cameras, is this included or is this also a subscription addition...... Comments on TomTom only please, Ive made up my mind to stick with them.
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