TomTom One map upgrades and speed camera info?

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Found 21st Jan 2008
As above really, the map we're using on our TomTom One v2 is very out-dated now, and we've got some speed camera information on there that's great, but is rather out-dated also.

I notice the TomTom website is selling the map upgrades for £29.95 - a very good price, but is it only this much because they're planning an upgrade again very soon and I should wait?



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Bump, please?

If you want speed cameras then get it from here: pocketgpsworld.com/
You will have to subscribe though for one year which is £19 (about £1.50 a month).

Regards to the map, I am not sure when they are releasing the map upgrades but I know it will cost more when they bring it out. So it might be worth downloading it now, after all...how many new roads have we actually built?
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