tomtom one v2 europe advice needed please

Found 22nd Jun 2007

I have just received my tomtom one europe from amazon warehouse its a refurb one .It has come all sealed in box with all bits .

My first question is am i supposed to have a sd card with this or are all maps preloaded contents states sd card but it also states not included in all products.
but my biggest prblem is it states no maps found when i switch it on does that mean it will have to go back or is it something i have done wrong but it does state switch on and go .

Any advice from tomtom europe owners would be most welcome i really dont want to send it back as i just got it and was hoping to have a play around with it
thank you in advance
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My TomTom one GB came with an SD with the maps pre loaded.

I don't think TomTom One has any built in memory only ROM so you definitely need the maps from an SD card.

Have you double checked the box?

If the card is missing you shouldn't have to send it back, hopefully they will be able to send you the missing card
thank you greg but will the card have all the maps on it uk and europe .
no card i have double checked i thought tomtom one had uk maps built in and a sd card for europe .but i am not clued up on these things at all .
[SIZE=2]My maps are definitely on the card... I think you need to ring Amazon and tell them it is missing.[/SIZE]
do you have uk and europe or just uk
Hi sonja,

My boyfriend just bought one of these today from Argos. He downloaded the maps from Tomtom home Its the disk you get with it. I think.
my tom tom (although nearly 3 years old now) came with the maps on the sd card
ohno now im confused i think it is meant to have sd card though .I am planning just to return it now as i have in haste purchased the one just posted in hotdeals . lol i am soo impatient and as it was refurb i doubt they would replace it and this one is the same price new .i just hope they honour refund as it is thier fault and will i get postage back .
thanks for all advice rep left.
I may be able to help you.

my tom tom is on an ipaq and all thomas cooked now becuase of battery memory, so it now only has charge when in its plugged in, bout time I was rid of it and got a new one.... want my old SD card? may work with yours, if not its only going in the bin. might have to update the maps on it though like I said its almost 3 years old.

Also before tom toms came with the speed camera's on them you could download an excel spreadsheet that gave you the long and lat co-ordinates of the gatso so you could save them as a POI, that is also saved on the SD card I believe.
thank you thats a very kind gesture but it is on its way back now .
no worries, ill try it out on someone elses, see if the card is worth keepin hold of.
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