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    Please please can someone help before I go mental?!
    Can anyone tell me when you get a Tomtom one xl is it supposed to work straight out of the box?? Including the preinstalled speed cameras?? I am sick to the back teeth as I have tried EVERYTHING, absolutely EVERYTHING to get the mind warping thing going. It works fine and there are speeding cameras installed on it (when you look in the memory) but it simply does not work even though I have been in the settings, installed tomtom home 2.3 on my pc and has the product code etc in my Tomtom online but still it does not work. Oh and also the cameras are enabled too in the settings. Where am I going wrong?? I have emailed tomtom a few times but it still does not work and they only tell me what I have already done with it anyway........I need a stiff drink I think now!
    Does anyone agree with me that it's faulty??! Please tell me!
    P.s Whe I first got it I tried to activate the voucher but it said that it was expired but I have been told that this wasn't the issue why does it come with a voucher??


    have you tried upgrading it from the disk thats what we done hope it helps

    Something doesn't sound right, I've used two Tomtom XL's which have never been connected to a PC and the speed camera warning works fine. I was actually quite impressed as I was going to begin researching the best options to get speed cameras on the device then got a warning and didn't need it.

    I didn't do much in the way of configuring either, the only option I can remember changing are the safety options (not having it warn when going over the speed limit).


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    I have tried everything. I have been onto tomtom several times and had no luck with it. I was on the blower yesterday for 2 half hour sessions. I even bought update for it costing £19.95 and even they don't show up as I tested it last night down the A1 / M1 where I know they are. Please could you tell me when you zoom out on your tomtom one xl on the browse a map can you see the cameras? I was also told yesterday that now they don't do that??? I think that this was a bit of a bull answer because you wouldn't know where they were then?!? I'm now asking for a refund of all monies paid under the trade descriptions act because it basically doesn't do what it states it does and also with the activation code not working I feel as if I have been sent a second hand or even a faulty one in the first place. I have done absolutely everything, even formatting it etc and pasting the cameras into the uk / Ireland maps. What else can I do?? Any ideas?? Dixons online were totally **** as they said that I had to speak to Tomtom even though I feel that my contract is with them within the 12 month period of guarantee.

    You do not see the speed cameras on the map if they are the tomtom branded speed cameras, you see them in navigation mode only. To check, ensure they are switched on and do a demo route past a well estabished, known camera.

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    Yes they are switched on, all enabled etc etc. I did this all on the phone yesterday but it was already done - just wanted them to see that I had done it all right really. I'll double check on the demo route but last night I did check them in real mode so to speak but they did not come on. My other halfs shows them on browse a map all over the uk but there's nothing on mine apart from mac donalds! That was for the kids!

    As I say, with the actual tomtom speed camera database, you are not supposed to see them on the map, at least not on the latest version. They do not act like a normal point of interest in that way.

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    Just doing a demo to manchester and there's nothing. It has bleeped twice but it doesn't show any signs of what it is?? I'm half way through it and i know that there's more than this.

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    Also I have it set to moo when there's one about not the sound it's making

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    Thanks for helping anyway
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