Tomtom or Garmin ?

    I need a satnav and have heard that tomtom's can have trouble picking up the satellites. And you can get free lifetime map updates with Garmin. In your experience which would you go for ? Cheers


    goohle play store has free ones if you use android


    Or a combo of looking on google maps & writing/printing out the instructions (Free)

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    I don't use android, I use ios

    Never had trouble picking up satellites on Tomtom but newer versions are definitely not as good as earlier models - especially XL. Also only seems to pick up some camera warnings but not others. Have not tried Garmin.

    I have both and would go with TomTom every time. MUCH better user interface and userbillity. TomTom also do life time maps but don't be fooled by this as lifetime only means as long as they support your model

    I prefer my garmin. I had a tomtom but i used to have to put the exact time in and then it took a while to pick up satelite signals. My garmin automatically has the correct time and gets signals without a problem.

    It depends on what you want...just a straight forward get you from a to b garmin is fine...if you want lots more bells and whistles then TT is the get what you pay for..

    I use google maps, i find it to be perfect. If you are concerned about data, you can save your route whilst on wifi. Before this I had a Garmin, was a while ago (was shaped like a an old tv), which was really good.

    Check at halfords at the moment, they have a tom tom one with lifetime updates for £75

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    Thanks for your helpful answers. I'm still undecided so need to do some research

    ive had both and must say I prefer tom tom. get it with free updates for life.

    I have both and I much prefer tomtom. I wish I'd returned the garmin. It tried to lead me down a private gated road, takes the poorest routes and I just hate it.

    I have had TomTom, TomTom Carminat, Garmin & Navman.

    My favourite is Navman. Great kit.
    My absolute worst is TomTom & Carminat. Despise Renault for using them in fixed installs.

    Now - I use copilot on the phone, or one of hundreds of free satnav apps available now.
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