TOMTOM software for Navigo

    I bought a Navigo satnav recently from Ebuyer. But it comes with a piece of [email protected] software called Turbodog. I would like to replace that with TomTom.

    Is this possible? Also, where can I buy the TomTom software that I can load onto Navigo? I am looking for a official software not a 'pirate' copy. That way, I can get some sort of support from TomTom people, if required. They seem to sell the full units but not just the software. I hoping not to pay too much (say about 40 quidish) for this software.

    If I can't get TomTom software, can anybody recommend some other software? This Turbodog is a real dog's turd.



    You can't buy it legally to install onto a 3rd party device. You can only buy it legally for PDA's or Smartphones, which this isn't.

    It's your decision whether to run free or bought software ,but you can run most satnav software on these things .Popular software includes TomTom 6 & 7 ,Route66 ,Igo ,Miomap ,Memory Map and possibly others , not forgetting TurboDog. On buying my first Navigo I was most displeased with the supplied software and made sure I found a alternative pretty quickly.

    The Navigo is a great unit, built to take other mapping software, for around £50 - £60 for the unit, you would have to pay more than double that for what you can get out of it if you take the trouble.

    Cheers Ears................
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