Tomtom xxl sat nav unit

Posted 4th May
Was updating my mums xxl Tomtom and now my maps won’t load after contacting Tomtom evidently the unit is obsolete and they can give me 30% of a new device and it’s only fit for landfill surely that can’t be right ?
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How old is the unit? I know they say maps for life, but unfortunately it's not your life, only the life of the unit if they feel like continuing to support it.
Are the maps on an SD card? If so I'm pretty sure the TomTom home App takes a backup of the Card before updating, you should be able to restore from the backup?
No sd card 40635892-aDAyc.jpg
Thank you for contacting TomTom Technical Support. The reference number for your query is 200504-000120.

I regret to inform you that your device has entered the category of products that have reached the end of their life cycle. I have included a link to an article on our website for further information on this:…ife . This means we are unable to offer you further product support over phone or email.
Even if classed as obsolete their update process should not of broken your currently installed and working maps, should of just warned you no longer supported.

Try and force Tom Tom to resolve the issue as you don't need to buy a new unit as yours was perfectly good before (but old).

It's a joke these companies stating lifetime map updates that just means the lifetime of the unit
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Tomtom have long been in the Dumdum game of taking people's hard earned money for services that can be accessed for free. Why anyone still pays them is utterly beyond me. We now use Android Auto and its a zillion, maybe a squillion, times better. Put the Dumdum money towards a new phone
<sigh> When Tomtom first came out it was a revalation. There was even an easy to use community to share points of interest databases. How the mighty have fallen.
Ten minutes reading up on the internet and you can get that working again. It’s just a case of finding the right forum!!
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