try saying this when u'v had a few bevvies, it'snearly impossible

    Red leather, yellow leather
    Selfish shellfish
    Fresh flat fish
    Six shrunken shirts
    Sharp shrews sweet shop
    Ten pin thin tin trunks
    red lorry yellow lorry

    i've been trying to master this one for about 3 years and only managed to say it rite twice, so anyone who does give it a go be honest and say how many times u got it wrong, if only to make me feel proud for completing it myself

    DangerGod was Ere =)
    - DangerGod


    :lol: The red leather, yellow leather + the red lorry, yellow lorry ones, I remember from school. I can get those right three times in a row, then I just lose it. :roll:

    The other ones there, I can say three times okay as well, but this one: Sharp shrews sweet shop might take three years too Haven't got it right yet I have sharp shoes sheet shop!

    Ah just got it right twice! while typing this

    Now my tnogue is tiwtsed lol

    Original Poster

    lol, u got me rollin on the floor there

    Original Poster

    i take it know one else knows any tongue twisters then?

    am i the only one on here thats mentally challenged

    makes my head hurt especially if i've had a few

    rahhhhhhh lol ill leave that for a rainy day wen im feelin smart lol


    i couldnt do it :lol:

    Banned lot doing these sober? if so theyre nowt!


    POSTED BY: ]lb1977 4 years, 6 months ago


    kapows;5088081 lot doing these sober? if so theyre nowt!

    this one gets me... cant do it :x
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