Too good to get taken down with a sinking thread

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    What's going on?

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    deja vu?Rtake your spam with you] byeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Lol you have to read it


    i read it,:giggle::lazy:

    I thought it was quite good. I was just puzzled by what happened on here previous to provoke it.

    [SIZE="1"](It's no longer the 1st of December)[/SIZE]


    thanks, i knew that would be a bugbear,hot damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You've also gone all stealth on us, interesting story behind that?

    (Sorry for the thread hijack)[/SIZE]


    it's late, you will have to elaborate on stealth?

    1. Your lights not on, but somebody's home.
    2. Invisible/Ninja mode.
    3. Anti-Stalker mode.

    im here for the post count boost, im not sure what ppl are on bout, maybe there have been some stupid threads or sumfin

    reported.....enjoy ur suspension!


    not sure whot the heck they're on about myself, maybe just been released … not sure whot the heck they're on about myself, maybe just been released from jail, daylight and an all that!! I just pop the odd comment in a thread and it's like red rag to a bull, can't escape it!!

    yes too tired to read what uve written so im just quoting so i can comment and increase post count by 1

    maybe sum1 shud make a post count boost thread...ill make one tomorrow.

    *thesaint exits stage left*


    *thesaint exits stage left*

    yeah gtfo saint...u aint no post count booster!
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