Too high internet bill form vodafone

    Hi. I am on 3gb mobile broadband plan with vodafone. I am using my laptop for emails, forums , homework and ebay .
    I pay £15 a month + £15 for any gb over the limit.
    I usualy get £30 bills, once i got £45 I paid because I know I used that much.

    This time I got text on my broadband saying that my bill is going to be £75, thats for over 6gb.

    I know I did not use that much and there must be a mistake somewhere. But how to prove it? How to win with customer service?
    I already canceled the direct debit because I know that if i pay I wont get the money back.
    I am willing to cancel the contract.
    I dont remember if i signed anything while buying the internet. But I have a proof of purchasw with therms and conditions that has not been signed by me (empty box) also a an empty box for a tick if the sells assistant has read terms and con to me.
    besides I did not get a bill through post for last 4 months.



    Can you check how much you used on your phone's log?

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    Thats laptop broadband we are talking about
    And i dont have a log also i have changed my os since then.

    i wouldnt cancel DD, they will just send debt collectors

    Change you tariff to vodafone business unlimited. £18+VAT (£20.70) this gives you 5gb full speed then unlimited 'throttled'. So then you know how much it will be every month.:thumbsup:

    Cancelling the DD is the worst thing you can do.

    You need to call the billing dept and have them do a re-calc on your bill and see what they come up with.
    They won't cancel the contract if you're still in term with them.
    You don't need to have singed anything, by using the service you're deemed to have agreed to the T&C's so you're bound by the term and to the minimum contract length you agreed to.

    If you leave the DD cancelled they'll just sell the debt to an agency (who will add their fee's) and your credit file will be trashed for the next 6 years...

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    omg. my payment is due tomorrow.

    Do I not get some letter through first before dept collectors come to knock on my doors?

    It takes months to get that far, don't worry if its due tomorrow.

    You need to call them in the morning, tell the billing dept that you're disputing the bill and asked them to look at it again for you. They should put the payment on hold until they look at the billing info on the server (well that's how the network I work for does it).
    You could offer to pay what you think you owe, that always goes down well rather than paying nothing at all.

    It would take them a day or so to go through the billing files, they should be able to give you detailed info on what data you used when. You can then compare that with what you think you used and take if from there...


    Hard to feel sorry for you OP - you knew what you were getting into and seems to me you are now looking for any crumb of comfort to try and engineer your way out of your contract

    Shouldnt have cancelled the DD - they will pursue you down all routes for the money

    You say you are willing to cancel the contract - not an option as its a minimum term contract and legally binding.

    Life sucks eh

    Original Poster

    I am sure I havet used that much but I am afraid that the detailed info will just have some extra figures on an that will be my £75 gone.

    But offering to pay what i think i owe is a good idea. Do i offer it straight away or do I ask them to give me detailed info first (the info would not make sense to me anyway)?

    Do you have automatic updates enabled on your laptop?
    That may be the cause for a high bill...


    pay it and find out how to use your phone properly:)



    pay it and find out how to use your phone properly:)


    but maybe its not the OPs fault - who can we blame? the 'unsigned' T&Cs? Vodafone? Gordon Brown? Elvis? Martians?


    +1but maybe its not the OPs fault - who can we blame? the 'unsigned' … +1but maybe its not the OPs fault - who can we blame? the 'unsigned' T&Cs? Vodafone? Gordon Brown? Elvis? Martians?

    More likely a trojan dropper that is using the laptop as part of a zombie bot network and continuously calling its "master" with data, or being part of a "Denial of Service" attack on some site.

    Possibly only an advertising malware, but it might be a password and credit card detail stealer working all the time and not as they are usually designed, only sending information on keystrokes when an HTTPS website address gets placed in the browser.

    Scan your laptop for bad stuff, use Trend scan (search using Google), AVG or Panda scan if you have not got an anti virus package.

    Another reason may be if you use the BBC Iplayer or similar and watch lots of TV on it. It is said some shows an hour long waste 1 GIGABYTE.

    Not sure if the source was correct, but Martin Lewis's site does warn everyone that this can easily eat up all your allowance in a few days.
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