took me twice as long to fill up with petrol

    Ok, I asked the mrs. why she had taken so long with the car?

    She replied 'since the price of petrol has gone up it takes me twice as long to fill up!'

    How do I answer that one ???


    with silence

    tell her to only half fill it next time-problem solved

    Don't answer it. Just look at her and shake your head in a derogatory manner.

    Divorce is probably best. Will save a lot of heart ache in the long run.


    Slap her head into the windscreen and storm off kicking small animals as you go.

    Lol, she blonde ?


    Lol, she blonde ?

    Let's not narrow it down. She's female.

    Finish the stella and bottle her.


    Conduct an experiment. How long will it take you to completely douse her in the same petrol? Also ask her, if she would burn slower, as the petrol prices have gone up.
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