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    hi can anyone give me a bit advice about a decent tool kit for my hubby for christmas. He complains that he needs some decent tools every time he has to do any DIY in the house. H e has an electric drill so I want some other decent tools, ...not flimsy objects
    that will break at the slightest touch..cheers


    how much ya want to spend?

    hand tools or power tools?

    has he got a cordless drill?

    This should be in Misc forum - the feedback forum is for feedback about HDUK only :thumbsup:

    The other thing useful to know is what sort of jobs will hubby be tackling?

    Have a look on [url][/url].

    Reasonable quality stuff at reasonable prices.

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    was thinking a box of tools for odd jobs eg screw drivers spanners, hammer hack saw etc
    sorry if this is in wrong forum am new to this


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    snap - on is supposed to be quite good. I think they replace free of charge if anything breaks too.

    Screwfix can be a bit pricey sometimes with their tools. Keep an eye out for the toolkits from Argos or Amazon on special offer....

    Its worth buying a decent set of screwdrivers and a decent drill/driver (Black & Decker have served me well).

    Screwfix are great for screw sets…ack
    These save no end of time and money as you don't have to keep popping out to get a screw the right size

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    thanks for all the replies.....much appreciated

    i bought this from screwfix,,worth it just for the tool bag nevermind the tools(which are also very good quality by the way) for £17.49

    direct link…Bag

    If ya going to get stuff make sure it's decent.

    Makita 18v combi drill and 101 pc kit, £74.99 or £67.50 with the 10% discount


    20 pc stanley screwdrivers £6.99


    discount ]http//ww…ew/
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