Found 7th Sep 2010
What PC software do people use for tagging their mp3 library?

Would it also help identify duplicate albums?

About to start this horrible task.

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MusicBrain Picard for tagging.


+1 for mp3tag

I hope that you are not obsesive like me and have to tag each one in a particular manner. It's such a thankless task, I'm halfway through my collection and I have spent an age getting this far.


MP3Tag is superb

Tag & Rename - Because I like to name my files like this (Robbie Williams - Eternity) for example (without the brackets) - Tag & Rename will use the name from the filename and chuck it in the tag, and it will do it to multiple files. simple

I know most people really dislike it, and it's very old now but, Real Player, let's you decide the naming rule, and it will apply to this to new tracks, but the beauty is it actually ammends your file structure to replicate how it looks within realy player. Hey preto a perfect file structure.

MP3Tag for me too



I lol'd
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