Posted 12th May 2021
I need a recommendation on a toothbrush please.

Generally I would use Colagate toothbrushes you'd get from Tesco/Iceland 3 for 99p. I would find they would help clean my teeth for good week or two then become not that affective. By good I mean after two minutes of brushing brown dirt will be visible when spitting/rinsing out. I also find colgate zigzag toothbrush great too but again after week or so I don't see the brown stuff.
Ive had two sets of electric toothbrush, well brands ones and don't find them that effective.
I know it's not the paste as with every new brush, brown dirt is visible.

In my case, what would be the ideal toothbrush to use to ensure my teeth remain sqeeky clean as long as possible?
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