Top 10 best glitch deals ever!!!!

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To qualify it has to be a glitch that was honoured, not a glitch where people paid then the seller said it was an error and revoked sales.

My Top Two from memory (in no particular order).

Tesco - Old El Paso
Back in December 2010 Tesco made a glitch on their system where certain Old El Paso products, if bought in the correct combinations and quantities, actually paid you to take stuff you had to buy extra non Old El Paso items to make sure your bill didn't come up as a negative amount. What was even better was that Tesco thought they'd fixed the problem after a few weeks, but hadn't fixed it for all their a consequence some 24 hour stores (Surrey Quays, Lewisham and Barking spring to mind) still had the glitch live till the middle/end of February 2011.

I used to go out at 2-3 am when they were restocking the shelves and literally fill a trolley with hundreds of pounds of OEP products and usually some Steak or Chicken, use the self serve checkout to pay some silly amount like £2 and walk out. Before anyone throws a tizzy....I used to deliver most of the OEP to some local homeless shelters so Tesco did some good in the world. Still can't believe it went on for so long, every time I filled a trolley I expected the bill to come to umfty hundred pounds.

Tesco - Lamb Joint Buy Two get both free.
This was at Christmas a few years back, Tesco had mispriced their Lamb Joints and had a buy one get second 50% off while showing the wrong price per pound on the receipt. As a consequence, on their double the difference policy you ended up getting both joints for free. I walked away with about 40 joints in the end and again the majority were given to local homeless shelters.

So what's your favourite?
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