Top 10 Game deals for PlayStation 4, PC & Xbox One / Wallet Top Ups

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UK TOP 10 Gaming Chart

As popularity moves around on the site, from last week's big fad to next week's 'MUST HAVE' game, I think it's always worth taking a look at the top 10 games in the weekly charts, especially as we come closer to Christmas and we start to look for ideas for gifts. Below is the current UK Top 10 Chart in order of sales in the UK, with links to their current cheapest prices available.

Note that each game title is linked to its category on the site for a wider choice of available purchase options.

1Pokémon Sword
2Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
3Pokémon Shield
4Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

5FIFA 20

6Luigi's Mansion 3

7 Pokémon Sword & Shield: Dual Edition
8 Death Stranding

9Mario Kart 8: Deluxe

10Mario & Sonic At The Tokyo Olympic Games 2020

Wallet Top Up Deals

Let's discuss wallet top ups. Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft all hold weekly sales on their stores (see below for links) and offer some fairly irresistible pricing on their games, which as I imagine, if you're like me, gets you buying more games you don't need, just because

Xbox Store UK Deals with Gold and Spotlight Sales
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All PS4, PS3 & Vita Discounts 30/10/19 @ PSN
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In terms of the wallet offers, Shopto are batting it well and truly out of the park with their latest PlayStation Wallet offers. The below options available to purchase are just mental. The best option here is obviously the £35 at £28.85.

I've got to give full credit to @mixmixi for posting the original deal on these.

I'd also like to remind Nintendo owners that they make sure to check out the £30 eShop credit at CDKeys, it's £27.99 at time of writing, but does fluctuate often.

So what about Xbox? CDKeys, Gamivo, Instant Gaming all offer fantastic deals on these, so do make sure to check them out whenever you are making a digital purchase
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