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    i recieved my cashback from top cash back on friday and for some reason they have paid it me twice, has this ever happened to anyone else and if so have they taken it back or will they not know, thanks


    Im sure sooner or later they will see their mistake and then ask for it back...after all iyt is theirs so legally they have every right to what ever you do don't spend it, if you can't afford to give it back!!
    Take care

    pack ur bags lol

    Like anything though if you are over paid - they can't just take it from your account and also you can offer to pay it back at a small amount each week. So free loan really haha x

    Just checked my online banking - I did too! Was only £6 mind so won't break the bank if they ask for it back

    What payment was this? Was this requested last week?! Damn it!

    Original Poster

    i had 2 lots of £90 paid in, i hope they dont realise lol
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