Top cash back?

Posted 12th Nov
I recently took out a new customer deal with top cash back and game. The £15 off a £16 spend and above one. I bought my game almost two weeks ago at full price £20. The cash back has not paid out yet. It shows pending and 9 weeks estimated. Is That Normal?
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Yes. Most of the retailers give and average or estimated payment time. Expect most to be about 3 months.. I personally use Tcb as a saving tool rather than a guaranteed payment back on that purchase at that time. By that I mean that I use it through the year then pull the cash out when I want it. Usually around Christmas time. Like now I have £280 which will be handy this time of year.
Very normal, some bigger purchases cant take up to 6months to cash out . Maybe its the time period they give to make sure you're not going to return the item.
The period covers the return cycle, then waiting for the retailer to pay TCB, then the consumer will be paid.
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