Vouchercodes.co.uk not honouring voucher ?

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Can anyone please advise, we have recently changed tv/phone/ broadband providers as we were so fed up with the internet constantly going down ,and with 3 kids it was a nightmare!

So we decided, after checking out the package we liked that we decided to sign up, but before this we were pleased to see an offer by vouchercodes.co.uk for an £120 Amazon voucher when we signed up to this package.
So all looking pretty good we went ahead and made the purchase. The transaction then showed as 'tracked' and the green tick on the voucher codes website. It then added on that it was 'verified ' , so all good right?....Wrong....on checking the status of the voucher a few days later it now says 'invalid' , with a red cross next to it??

Cut a even longer story short we contacted the voucher codes website customer service, they took several days to respond but when they did we were pretty annoyed to hear their explanation. The email from customer services said how ' we have contacted Virgin media who have told us you did not make the purchase through the correct link ,or may have had other windows open when you made the purchase ,so unfortunately we are unable to honour this voucher'... this is complete and utter BS.

Have l got any chance of getting this voucher ?
I am certain what they claim is simply not true and the purchase was tracked and verified .

I'd say fair enough if what they claim is true but it just isn't!
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Cash back should be seen as a bonus as it’s never be guaranteed. companies can make it difficult to get the cash back Sky and Virgin are known for calling you and saying it wasn’t an online transaction. You mentioned TCB in the title but vouchercodes in the rest of the thread, if you tried to use a voucher code and TCB you can’t and normally will lose the cash back.

Also remember if didn’t clear cookies you could have another company’s cookie on your computer at the time you clicked through.
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Sorry that was a mistake ,it was a purchase made through vouchercodes.co.uk
I'd say you've almost no hope of getting the voucher. If VM are not giving VoucherCodes the commision then they cannot pass it on to you.

You could ask to log a complaint, but, I dont think it will work as it is not a guarantee and sounds like there have been other tracking cookies on your device which have over ruled this one.
I never have a problem with cash back tracking ever until it's a large cashback sum though a mobile or phone company then it tracks and declines almost every time now with the exception of sky who have payed up in the past. So I never base a phone contract on cashback anymore it's just not worth it.
I think these 'voucher' sites are a nightmare unfortunately, I'm not saying cashback sites are reliable all the time, but more chance with them, just remember, never go for anything where 'cashback' of any sort is the only thing that's making a 'deal' cheaper.

Have you tried emailing them?

Sorry, just read the bit where you contacted them...cashback sites give the same excuse when the deny a purchase through their sites.
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I assume you have virgin installed for a while now? If within the cancellation period I would cancel if possible and re order.
Ultimately they probably aren't going to change their mind but i guess one last email wont hurt. vouchercodes.co.uk/leg…rms they have clauses listed about contacting within 24 hours which is obviously useless. I dont choose deals based on cashback for this reason unless it is a good deal and the cashback would be a nice to have. Unless you can quit your current contract it's probably best to just forget about it unfortunately!
It’s taken me almost a year to get Cashback from Virgin on TCB, they originally declined it saying I did it wrong but I kept on their case. You could always try threatening to leave if you’re in the 28 day period. Virgin shouldn’t provide bonuses if they are gonna wuss out of it and trap customers in a contract they’re not entirely happy with.
I had a £50 voucher for a mobile phone contract i took out. After waiting 90 days it came back as invalid. Contacted vouchercodes told me that i never completed the transaction, total BS. Anyway, did the same thing a few months later, same thing happened again but they asked for proof which i sent to them and they paid out.
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