Top Gear

    they're mental


    i know. LOL

    They're fab!! lol

    lol at the communist pick up truck

    lol at festival place basingstoke - most excitement its ever seen!

    I thought it was Basingstoke. They went through Wilton after Wilsford cum Lake which is very very close to where Sting lives

    Didnt feel the fiesta review was the thorough, didn't have the old police chase stolen car incident for chavs use only

    How did they ever swing that with the shopping precinct , to drive about in there.
    + also the marines.

    Whos knows but it was great TV.

    whoever is cleaning up them tyre marks wont be so enthuiastic of top gear

    also what shopping centre was it?


    also what shopping centre was it?

    It was Festival Place shopping centre in Basingstoke, Hampshire :thumbsup:

    On another forum, the last owner of the Morris Marina is gutted, he sold it on ebay, and it was BBC that bought it.…522

    I do understand how he feels though, i too would be gutted, if it was my car, but he is also really angry. Once he sells the car, that's it.

    Just watched it, they just get worse(jammy ******s)

    The fiesta piece was pure class...

    Must have cost a fortune to set up.

    Having read the uproar on that forum, i was laighing my ass of during the news :giggle:

    And then they destroyed another one "accidentally" :giggle:

    Unfortunately they've closed the forum to member only viewing, so we need to wait for infiltrates
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