Top Gear. Hammond and May

    Has anyone else noticed that Richard Hammond is looking more and more like James May these days - The bloke needs a serious haircut



    i thought that lastnight. hes still hot though :-)

    To be honest, the three of them spend that much time in each others company, I think they lose touch with the outside world and their fashion becomes similar because of it.

    yep.. i thought exactly the same watching it just!


    Have you ever considdered train spotting?



    OI get your own avatar

    They all need serious haircuts.

    Check them out - May, what age is he - like 50 - mincing about with a head like a mop.

    Hammond - hamster faced midget with a penchant for over-sized leather coats and a haircut straight out of a boy band. Seems like that car crash affected his fashion sense.

    Clarkson - fat, balding, with a dead goat strapped to the top of his melon.


    hammond has to keep his hair long because if he cut it you would be able to see the marks and scars where his hair doesnt grow...its not real hair ya know

    [QUOTE=moob;5739664]They all need serious haircuts.

    Exactly. Just think about 10 minutes ago that 5th Gear is almost better than their rubbish look and dumbass acting

    I call him "Mini May" now when talking about top gear to mates
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