Top Gear New Series @ 8pm Sunday !

    If your a huge Top Gear fan like me then you will be glad to know that finally the new series returns this sunday at 8 on BBC2 .


    wrong forum, but i don't care- cheers op!! would have probably missed this otherwise

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    Sorry could Mods please move to correct one thanks.

    Cheers nearly forgot to record

    Just Sky + it now. Cheers OP.

    ( is in the right place)

    Great can't wait.

    Can not wait, the christmas specials were superb. The one on boxing day was as good as the epic polar special.


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    I know, its wrong how excited i am its back on lol

    Looking forward to not seeing who the new Stig is.

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    Theres another stig ?


    My a Top Gear fan? What the hell?

    The Christmas specials were a bit pap imo. Will definitely watch the series though.

    Anybody ever watch the US version?


    Yay decent tv


    Theres another stig ?

    And you call yourself a huge top gear fan? lol

    hate how scripted it is these days

    Pretty sure there isn't


    Pretty sure there isn't

    Isnt what? A new series?

    A new stig

    I should have quoted, the comment it related to has been deleted!
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    i am going to watch the filming on the 2nd Feb can't wait

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    i am going to watch the filming on the 2nd Feb can't wait

    You lucky so and so, Ive been putting my name down everytime theres tickets available for years and never got them, tried for this january but never heard anything, they will probably be wheeling me in on my wheelchair by the time i get them ..................ENVY

    should be good, tiff was filling in for the stig, no idea regarding a new one though..

    will let you know when i come back, they film on a wednesday and it airs on the sunday ...

    there's a 2 year waiting list to get on, not if you know the camera man though

    Clarkson has written in his column in todays Sun - there is a NEW STIG - he doesn't know who he is and doesn't want to know - all he does know is that he can't read or write - so it limits his chances of ever writing his memoirs in a book lol

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    Lol Clarkson is ace , hes probably deaf and dumb aswell.

    hope to f*** he ain't blind !!!

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    Maybe its Stephen Hawkings ?

    your avi looks more like stephen hawkings lol

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    lol very true I wonder if thats what he was secretly trying to achieve.

    Went down to the studio yesterday for the filming ... it was amazing !! alot smaller than it seems tbh.. still very good !! god knows how they manage to edit it all down to an hour - especially with Clarksons potty mouth - boy does he like the "F" word ... and it has nothing to do with Gordon Ramsay either !! lol

    Jonathan Woss was on ... he's funny !! surprised the BBC allowed him back on
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