Top Gear's Hamster Car for sale

Found 24th Dec 2007
Given all the fans on here of Top Gear, surprised no one has pointed this out already

THAT car is up for sale on ebay: 150197264730


Damn I thought it was Oliver :-(

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I don't understand

you didnt watch top gear this week then?


I don't understand


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I don't watch Top Gear tbh so perhaps that would explain it, sorry.....i'll check the link, ta
Think i'd sooner buy Oliver lol
I'm not a fan of TG tbh. They always review cars i have very little chance of owning, i don't know why a show has never been where they review the more every day cars to a greater extent as opposed to Clarkson et. al driving cars only a privileged few could own....sorry

I agree on the high price car front. I watch it for the comedy challenges though. The USA road trip and Polar mission were total classics. Much better than the original TG format imho, with the pipe smoking tweed jacket brigade.

Wicked!!! Anyone got a spare skip to put it in? Is totally trashed but soooooooooo cool!!

Hehe, loved BBC News article. "One maticulous owner, one **** driver".

What happened with the auction then? It went up to over £20k and now hasn't sold! Weird...


Don't the comments at the bottom of his description say it all? When I first saw it on BBC News it had over 70 bids if you look at the bid history…730

Yeah, I did see all of those, but the last time I looked there were loads of 'legitimate bids', but at the end they were all withdrawn.
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