Top Gun: Maverick to own on digital in HD/4K £13.99 @ Amazon Prime Video

Posted 24th Aug 2022
Less a discount, more like cheaper than you might have expected.

96% on Rotten Tomatoes. Best film of the year IMHO.
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  1. deleted22532's avatar
    Anonymous User
    Incredibly good film, probably the best sequel to any film ever.
    phillip.palmer's avatar
    Terminator 2 says hasta la vista baby
  2. Goose522's avatar
    The 2 film boxset is also available on iTunes/AppleTV and Amazon for £17.99 too for people that don't have the first one. Not a bad price for both. Both in 4K on AppleTV as well.
  3. sohailh1984's avatar
    Same price at Apple TV and Google TV store - might be worth adding to heading @KangTC (edited)
  4. hotdealseeker's avatar
    For this amount, best to spend on going to the cinema.
  5. ian.walker's avatar
    Still best to see this at the cinema - our local is doing a double bill of Top Gun + Maverick together (edited)
    deleted147420's avatar
    Anonymous User
    I have seen Maverick twice at the cinema and the original many times on 4K Bluray. Despite liking both immensely I fear both in one sitting is perhaps too much.

    I have preordered the the 4K Bluray from Amazon. (edited)
  6. Snakeyes646's avatar
    Amazing movie, best watched in the cinema
  7. Azzin's avatar
    This is not a “deal”, as you’re paying the price the streamer is asking.
    zippy99's avatar
    I think the idea is compared to the usual £25 for a 4K disc version to own, £14 is a bargain worth mentioning, even if it is streaming.
  8. gazzamatt's avatar
    FROSTWIRE is a great film as well….;)
  9. Keith_Moon's avatar
    Best film of the year Ive watched, just pure popcorn cinema. More thrills than any of the Marvel borefest films put together
  10. tcf's avatar
    Watched it tonight. Echoes of Star Wars, much? "We've got to hit a ventilation shaft - that's impossible! - don't think, use your feelings - talk to me, deceased friend."
    Disappointed. Actually preferred the extended trailer. (edited)
    Keith_Moon's avatar
    I bet you're fun at Top Gun parties
  11. Northerndave's avatar
    Watched it tonight, yes a film like this is always better on the big screen, but with a Sonos surround system and the OLED it came damn close.

    Action film of the year.
  12. wanderer_forest's avatar
    This isn't a deal. I thought this was a deals website? We get nonsense like Thor appearing on a streaming service as a 'deal', and Maverick £13.99 across all streaming platforms is a deal too now?
    Mr.Nutts's avatar
    Scroll past it then
  13. evostick47's avatar
    This isn't a deal. It's just the price.
  14. volc's avatar
    Amazon streaming is the worst . C'mon
  15. joerob1972's avatar
    Can anyone who has watched this tell me if it has the IMAX scenes.(switches between letterbox and full screen)
    I know the 4k Blu-ray disc will have but does the Amazon / Itunes vesions have them. (edited)
    Poo_Ping's avatar

    Replying to

    Yes. Definitely on the Rakuten version anyway, so I presume others are the same. Switches between IMAX full screen for action sequences, then back to letterbox mode.
  16. Apex_Predator's avatar
    Amazing; more than happy to throw more money at this brilliant film.
  17. joerob1972's avatar
    Does any of these include the IMAX scenes, whether from Amazon , Itunes etc. (edited)
  18. scottydogg81's avatar
    Great film and soundtrack
  19. great-deals's avatar
    Be free on Prime in a few months.... If we still have Prime given how many have cancelled :/
    Enchante's avatar
    Doubtful given it’s advertised as being on paramount plus later next year
  20. justhighend4u's avatar
    Thankyou op. There's about 3 people I want to watch this with. HEAT
  21. jakbli's avatar
    Couldn't watch it all yesterday
  22. Gerry557's avatar
    Doesn't give any details of the sound quality or channels available. Is it surround, stereo or atmos
  23. casasteve's avatar
    Same price on Sky Store too. Good to be able to pick which service to own it on.
  24. cityslicker's avatar
    Is the sky store one available in UHD
  25. JHD007's avatar
    Great film
  26. rincage's avatar
    Really want this. But I try and buy my films on Google as the most flexible platform for me. But it's only listed as HD and not 4k on Google Play movies. How annoying. Don't get why.
    gazzamatt's avatar
    Android….(confused) …..just get the frostwire app and the vlc app.
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